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0000401DriverPacks BASEDPs BASE misc.public2007-10-10 11:072007-10-11 17:40
Assigned ToBashratTheSneaky 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version7.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000401: Product Version: 7.05.2
DescriptionAfter the driverpacks unpack (Windows XP GUI setup) I get an Error that states SXS.DLL: Syntax error in manifest or policy file "D:\ROOT\XPPC\I386\asms\1000\MSFT\Windows\GDIPLUS\GDIPLUS.MAN" on line 4
Then it goes on to say that A component's file does not match the verification information present in the component manifest.
Additional InformationI thought this might be a result of some addons I was using, so I decided to do some diagnostics and only integrate the Driverpacks alone. I am using Siginet's Powerpacker 1 RC9 (which I have been using successfully for some time now. The only thing new with this disk is the DriverPacks. I have tried reburning the disk and even using a different burner since the SXS.dll error seems to not be new when doing a google search, but many say the disks are dirty. I'm using new disks and have tried many.
TagsNo tags attached.
Destination OS Platformwnt5_x86-32 (Windows XP)
Installation Platformdisc (CD/DVD)
DriverPacksnot applicable
DriverPacks Method2
DriverPacks Finisher MethodGUIRunOnce
Attached Files? file icon GDIPLUS.MAN [^] (391 bytes) 2007-10-10 11:07

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vcc (reporter)
2007-10-10 11:12
edited on: 2007-10-10 11:15

I just verified that there is nothing different from the original file and the one after packing. (That is the GDIPLUS.MAN file) and the SXS.DL_ file does not seem changed either.

I'm going to try running the DriverPacks with the RunOnceEx Finisher Method instead and see what happens. - I'll add a note when I'm done to share my finding.

vcc (reporter)
2007-10-10 12:22

Still having problems. After changing to RunOnceEx, I now get the same Fatal Error, but different file (SXS.DLL I guess is the manifest checker utility) but the file it complains about now is in ...asms\52\MSFT\WINDOWS\NET\DXMRTP\DXMRTP.MAN" on line 5.

I guess I can try building the disk without the driverpacks, or even an older version of the driverpacks to see what happens then. I don't know why the driverpacks would have an effect on these files though.
vcc (reporter)
2007-10-10 12:37

I'm also trying another computer to see if it is either the computer or the DVD drive in the destination computer, maybe it is not reading the disk properly (these are not old computers by the way. The destination computer is less than a year old). If this other computer does not have the same problem as my original destination PC, I will then try another DVD drive in the destination computer I've been having problems with.
vcc (reporter)
2007-10-10 12:52
edited on: 2007-10-10 13:22

:-) Well, I'm pleased to say that it appears to have nothing to do with the DriverPacks. Sorry to falsely accuse the DriverPacks, but maybe this Bug report will help someone in the future that may run across the same Error.
The other computer I tried the disk in did not stop with a Fatal Error.
Now I'll be using the same DVD drive it is succeeding on in the original Destination computer. I'm thinking that it will work.
Darn bad hardware :-(
Bashrat, go ahead and close out this bug report.

*** Update (just FYI) ***
Ouch, well I used the same disk and drive from the computer that had success. It still failed. Maybe the reason I'm reinstalling Windows on this computer is a bigger issue than I anticipated. The original problem was many virtual memory errors that seemed related to this particular computer not being able to run Symantec Antivirus (version 10.1) properly, it wouldn't run the Auto Protect feature at all. So, on to warranty repair.

BashratTheSneaky (administrator)
2007-10-11 17:38

Indeed, this can't be caused by the DriverPacks.

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2007-10-10 11:07 vcc Destination OS Platform => wnt5_x86-32 (Windows XP)
2007-10-10 11:07 vcc Installation Platform => disc (CD/DVD)
2007-10-10 11:07 vcc DriverPacks => not applicable
2007-10-10 11:07 vcc DriverPacks Method => 2
2007-10-10 11:07 vcc DriverPacks Finisher Method => GUIRunOnce
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