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0000240DriverPacks BASEslipstreamerpublic2006-09-05 07:242006-09-23 12:27
Assigned ToBashratTheSneaky 
StatusresolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version6.08.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000240: Win2k errors in DOSNET.INF and TXTSETUP.SIF after slipstream
DescriptionAll added MassStroage drivers/values for text mode setup in Windows 2000 Professional and Server are remarked out with a ";" in front of them in the DOSNET.INF and TXTSETUP.SIF files. This applies to both files and all sections these files are added to. [SCSI], [SCSI.LOAD], [HARDWAREIDS...], [FILES].

Also at the end of the [Files] section in DOSNET.INF these three files adpu160m.sys dac960nt.sys ipsraidn.sys do not have the "D1," in front of them, thus causing 2k setup to stop with [Files] section is corrupt in setup file.

Driver packs being applied are all except sound and wlan.

I have not been able to check 2K3 for the same issue yet.
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Destination OS Platformwnt5_x86-32 (Windows 2000)
Installation Platformdisc (CD/DVD)
DriverPackscombination (specify in description)
DriverPacks Method1
DriverPacks Finisher MethodRunOnceEx
Attached Files? file icon dosnet.INF [^] (124,870 bytes) 2006-09-18 03:12
? file icon [^] (122,169 bytes) 2006-09-18 03:12

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BashratTheSneaky (administrator)
2006-09-09 16:58

The semi-colons (;) in front of all those drivers in the SCSI.Load section o/t txtsetup.sif file is actually NOT an error. After many tests, I concluded that Windows 2000 was not able to load an unlimited number of text mode device drivers: it would crash if you'd add too many (actually if the combined size exceeds a certain treshold). That's why I've commented many of them, I tried to keep the most important ones.

I would nevertheless like it very much if you could VERIFY this, since you're one of the few utilizing the DriverPacks on a Windows 2000 installation disc. Just remove the semi-colons and the drivers will load. If you get to the partitioning screen, you're safe. And that'd prove that I have a bad Windows 2000 installation disc. (Have had many problems with it in the past, so perhaps it's just this specific version/edition/print.)

Those errors in dosnet.inf however should not exist. Could you please upload your dosnet.inf and files? That'd be very helpful to find the exact cause.
browned (reporter)
2006-09-18 03:16

Sorry for the delay, I had trouble getting the original file as I had modified the files manaully while doing my own testing.

Still tseting the semi colons in txtsetup, at the moment setup is falling over at the iastor drivers so I am seeing if I can work around this as you say by limiting the number of files loaded.

shaz (reporter)
2006-09-21 08:37

Hey Bashrat,

If you look in the dosnet.inf, you will see that there is semi-colons (;) in front of iastrold.sys.

BashratTheSneaky (administrator)
2006-09-22 08:11

Yes browned, you still have ONE semi-colon left: the one in front of "d1, iastrold.sys".

Any progress now?
browned (reporter)
2006-09-22 14:17

Yes, sorry I added that ; during my testing. I haven't had much time available to do more testing but I can say that you are right and you can not have all the txtsetup drivers loading in Win2k. I haven't found out the amount of drivers that can be loaded but I am currently trying to use less than half of the added drivers with no luck yet.
BashratTheSneaky (administrator)
2006-09-23 06:29

It's not about the amount, but about the combined SIZE of all .sys files of the drivers you're trying to load. I'm sure that this is not documented by Microsoft, nor by anyone else, simply because no one has ever tried to load a similar amount of drivers...

I cannot find my notes about this right away, but I do remember that I only staid a couple of KB's under the limit with the default amount of 'enabled' drivers. So if you count the total size of all .sys files I'm still loading, you'll have a very accurate idea of what works. Good luck!
BashratTheSneaky (administrator)
2006-09-23 06:41

What you COULD try is this: replace the \I386\SETUP.EX_ of your Windows 2000 installation files by the one of Windows XP. That's one dirty hack, but it might work!
BashratTheSneaky (administrator)
2006-09-23 12:26

As can be seen in the comments, this is not a bug, but rather a work-around. This will be described in detail in the upcoming online manual.

This issue will not be closed so we can continue the discussion for a possibly better work-around, but its status will now be set to "resolved", since this was never a true bug.

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2006-09-05 07:24 browned Installation Platform => disc (CD/DVD)
2006-09-05 07:24 browned DriverPacks => combination (specify in description)
2006-09-05 07:24 browned DriverPacks Method => 1
2006-09-05 07:24 browned DriverPacks Finisher Method => RunOnceEx
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