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0000431DriverPacks BASEDPs BASE misc.public2008-05-06 07:242008-09-10 07:12
Assigned ToOverFlow 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version7.04 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000431: Microsoft kb888111 "Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver" service pack 3 issue FIXED
Descriptioncompleted Fresh install (XP pro servicepack 3 and all driver packs intergrated,)....however...
unknown device left in device manager, (hardware id identified as relating to "Microsoft's kb888111 Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver.
Resolved by extracting kb888111.exe (used winrar 3.71) into its own directory tree, navigated to the freshly extracted "Commonfiles" directory to find the missing "hdaudbus.inf" file needed to install UAA High Definition Audio class BUS driver. SO Now.........
Update device driver for the unknown device left inside device manager to "..\Commonfiles\hdaudbus.inf" and install.
this detects and installs TWO NEW devices inside device manager,
1) SYSTEM DEVICE (Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio)
2) Sound,Video and game controllers DEVICE (High Definition Audio CODECpackage)

after these steps my "regular" sound driver package installed (without rejection) perfectly.
Additional Information(ex-problem 4 onboard sound (intels DG965WH motherboard, g965 express chipset,core2 duo,1gig etc.)

I Think U gutzy guyz @ driver packs ROCK BIG TIME. I also think microsoft suck BIG TIME and should be paying u guys each large salaries

maybe these "Commonfiles" are of interest to others as well?
shouldnt they be incorporated into a driver pack somewhere allready (i looked but where....?)
anyway am including a zip file of that commonfiles directory along with this report incase others need it
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Destination OS Platformwnt5_x86-32 (Windows XP)
Installation Platformdisc (CD/DVD)
DriverPacks Method2
DriverPacks Finisher MethodGUIRunOnce
Attached Fileszip file icon [^] (196,858 bytes) 2008-05-06 07:24

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OverFlow (administrator)
2008-05-09 02:36
edited on: 2008-05-09 02:47

xp sp3 includes 888111 and you must be useing base 8.05 for sp3 support.

please verify your source folder was slipstreamed properly

we add kb888111 to sp2 but not to sp3 (we already have the files included)

This is confirmed by many of our testers... you should not have to add 888111 after adding sp3.

Please make sure you have the latest release of sp3 and reslipstream into a fresh source. kb888111 was recently added to sp3 it was not always included. It was added in the later RC releases and in the final release

Thanks for the kind words.

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