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0000022DriverPacks BASEslipstreamerpublic2006-05-26 16:362006-05-26 21:49
6.04 rc8 
multiboot disc
0000022: multiboot, M2: DPs_fnsh.cmd not working properly
During my install process I have it run DPs_fnsh.cmd at the GUIRunOnce phase, I get two errors at this point... Both of which are wrong entries inside the file, basically the errors are stating that it can't find a file, in this case


Those files wont be there on M2

Also, as a side note I'm doing a multiboot DVD and on M1 those files wouldn't be there either do to the structure of the DVD
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2006-05-26 21:19   
It should work just fine that way. It will only not work if X:\OEM\bin doesn't exist AND X:\I386\presetup.cmd doesn't exist, then it will skip to method 1. However, to comply with method 1 the file X:\$OEM$\makePNF.exe must exist, which won't exist when using a multibootdisc. Therefore your %CDDRIVE% variable would be set to NULL.
I'll fix this in the next version. (Thanks for testing the multiboot option!)
2006-05-26 21:44   
Fixed the possible empty %CDDRIVE% variable.

In the next version, the DriverPacks BASE will output a tag file to the root of your multiboot disc, so the finishing script can detect whether it's a multiboot install or not.