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0000040: When Finishing Method ="custom" in settings file, this setting isn't imported
Example of how to get the crash: In my DPs_BASE.ini file I have

finishMethod = "custom"

Now run the DPs_BASE.exe, go to Overview and it will report the finish method as GUIRunOnce. Now go change the finish method to RunOnceEx, then go to Overview. The DPs_BASE.exe will crash stating a variable was not declared.

There seems to be two issues. 1.) When executing the DPs_BASE.exe, it does not properly read the finish method of "custom". 2.) When the finish method is changed, then going to Overview, it crashes.

I am attaching a screenshot of the error message.
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related to 0000028resolved BashratTheSneaky when RunOnceEx as Finishing Method, but no RunOnceEx Settings set: AutoIt Error 
png BASE-Error.png (14,655) 2006-05-28 10:26
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1) was reproduced

2) already solved, see bug 0000028: [^]
2006-05-28 10:50   
I did not connect these two issues to each other. I'm sorry for the duplicate posting.
2006-05-28 10:53   
No problem :) It doesn't look the same at first sight.

Problem solved by the way.