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0000245DriverPacks BASEDPs BASE misc.public2006-09-09 14:392006-09-10 14:44
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wnt5_x86-32 (Windows XP)
disc (CD/DVD)
0000245: AMD Sempron not found with DriverPack CPU 6.09
Windows is installed and runs with no problem, but in device manager appears an unknown device under Processor category.

When I uninstall this component or try to reinstall the controller, it results in an error.

I'm going to update this report with the reproducibility and the exactly error messages.
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2006-09-09 14:39charlyDestination OS Platform => wnt5_x86-32 (Windows XP)
2006-09-09 14:39charlyInstallation Platform => disc (CD/DVD)
2006-09-09 14:39charlyDriverPacks => CPU
2006-09-09 14:39charlyDriverPacks Method => 2
2006-09-09 14:39charlyDriverPacks Finisher Method => RunOnceEx
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2006-09-09 16:44   
This is not a bug in the SOFTWARE I've made (i.e. the DriverPacks BASE or the Finisher) but it's a problem with a driver. Therefore you should not submit it as a bug in the bugtracker, but post it in the DriverPack Chipset forum ( [^]) as a problem. Please do so! Don't forget to post your DPsFnshr.log there too!

Issue closed.