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0000394DriverPacks BASEDPs BASE misc.public2007-08-12 06:352007-10-11 17:46
wnt5_x86-32 (applies to all OSes of this platform)
disc (CD/DVD)
Chipset, CPU, MassStorage
0000394: SB600 RAID detects HDs but wont boot Windows once installation complete
I bought a 'new' motherboard recently, its an Asus M2R32-MVP.

I tried to install Windows XP Pro using the latest driver pack (DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_7072.7z) it seem to be working just fine until the installation was complete and the system was booting for the first time got to the windows logo with the bar at the bottom and went back to the BIOS post screen.
Resolved by creating a driver disk with the drivers from [^] (v7.7)

OMG 60MB for RAID Utility's!!
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2007-08-12 06:35codejunkieDestination OS Platform => wnt5_x86-32 (applies to all OSes of this platform)
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2007-08-12 06:35codejunkieDriverPacks => Chipset, CPU, MassStorage
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2007-08-12 06:35codejunkieDriverPacks Finisher Method => GUIRunOnce
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2007-10-11 17:46   
Report in the forums, this is a driver issue, not a bug in the BASE.