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0000013: txtsetup.sif entries removed?
Both in RC4 AND RC5 when slipstreaming was complete there were entries missing from the txtsetup.sif which appear to have been removed when slipstreaming...

The lines which are removed are:

Under section [nls]

UnicodeCasetable = l_intl.nls,0409
DefaultLayout = 00000409 (Missing this line causes text setup to halt and complain)

Under ["Keyboard Layout"]

00000809 = "United Kingdom"
00000409 = "US"
00010409 = "US-Dvorak"
00030409 = "US-Dvorak for left hand"
00040409 = "US-Dvorak for right hand"
00020409 = "US-International"

(Seem to be everything below Ukraine)

These entries WERE present BEFORE slipstreaming, I double checked by deleting the directory I slipstreamed to, then re-used the original and compared txtsetup.sif's before and after and the original, the above lines are missing and the setup complains about the missing 0000409 layours on both counts... I believe only people who use the US layout are going to see this...
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2006-05-10 09:04   
Forgot to change the GUI setting, I don't think this is an issue with the GUI I believe it's an issue with the slipstreamer
2006-05-10 09:33   
[files.keyboardlayout] sction is also missing

00000409 = KBDUS.DLL,2

It was removed among a few other entries, but since my is the American layout I can't identify the others.
2006-05-10 12:59   
WTF is this... This will take a long time to find, but I know it's related to Fedit's cleanup feature, it seems to be removing too much entries...
2006-05-11 17:30