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0000012DriverPacks BASEGUIpublic2006-05-10 08:582006-05-11 18:11
6.04 rc5 
6.04 rc6 
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0000012: Able to select 3rd party DriverPacks while its checkbox is greyed out
When you hit the 'Select All' button when selecting your driver packs in RC5 (RC5 isn't listed above so I said RC4) it selects 3rd party drivers despite the option being grayed out. I thought nothing of it until I started the slipstream, it then told me that it couldn't find any of the 3rd party drivers. This is true except that I don't think the 3rd party drivers option should've been slected since it was grayed out....
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2006-05-10 13:00   
Easy fix.
2006-05-10 15:55