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0000255DriverPacks BASEDPs BASE misc.public2006-09-24 13:462006-09-24 13:46
6.09 rc1 
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0000255: DPs Finisher: the ability to disable the splash screen
This has been a much requested feature. For now you will only be able to disable the splash screen if you manually edit the DPsFnshr.ini file.
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2006-09-24 13:46BashratTheSneakyNew Issue
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2006-09-24 13:46BashratTheSneakyDriverPacks => not applicable
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2006-09-24 13:46BashratTheSneakyDriverPacks Finisher Method => not applicable
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2006-09-24 13:46BashratTheSneakyFixed in Version => 6.09
2006-09-24 13:46BashratTheSneakyResolutionopen => fixed

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