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0000004: Installation stops, does not continue at presetup.cmd
I correct the issues i reported previously and tried the installation again.
Now the installation seems to no longer continue at the point where presetup.cmd is executed.
Normally the installation shows at the lightblue screen with the mousepointer in the middle for a long time, but this time it seems to wait forever, also i see no hdd activity or cdrom activity.
I just tested the lines responsible for the extraction of the driverpacks on my own pc and that seems to work ok, so i think the problem then has to be in one of these lines:

REM +==========================================================================+
REM | Scanning for driverdirectories. |
REM |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
%CDDRIVE%\OEM\bin\DevPath.exe "%SystemDrive%\D"

REM +==========================================================================+
REM | Disable Driver Signing Policy and keep it disabled. |
REM |--------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Both devpath and watchdsp.exe are present in the right folders as far as i can see.

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2006-04-25 02:54   
Ok, i solved it by adding the word START to the line %CDDRIVE%\OEM\bin\WatchDSP.exe

So the complete line should have been:

2006-04-25 10:33   
Strange! That caused an error for someone else?

Fact is that the "START" *was* there in the batch version, but it didn't seem to work for one of the beta testers, so I removed it and the error disappeared... Very strange! But I'll add the "START" again, then.