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0000212: After selecting valid location, when using back/next buttons, the GUI becomes a mess
After selecting Location for disc mode using forward button leads to the DriverPacks selection screen. This screen is preety messy (see GUI.jpg)
Haven't been cleared properly or controls from previous screen are still active?

Buttons "Select all" and "Select none" aren't active on DriverPacks selection page
Button "Export Settings" isn't active as well.

Almost all pages are "contaminated" with the mode/Location selection screen (see GUI2.jpg).
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related to 0000189resolved BashratTheSneaky AutoIt Error while creating second ini file for multiboot. 
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jpg GUI.JPG (51,258) 2006-08-20 17:33

jpg GUI2.JPG (43,478) 2006-08-20 17:34
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2006-08-20 17:36   
Strange that this didn't occur for me during my tests... Trying to reproduce now.
2006-08-20 17:40   
2006-08-20 17:44   
Just tried again and it seems the problem appears only when there is no DPs_BASE.ini file. When the file is present - no such problem at all.
2006-08-20 17:50   
That's some good luck then :) Most users won't notice it :D Will fix it tomorrow.
2006-08-21 14:44   
Reminder sent to: jagod

If you'd like to test it before I put 6.08.5 online, contact me through mail and I'll send it to you. I never was able to reproduce the exact issues you had, so it might be a good thing to verify that it's fixed!