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0000341: Extraction progress bar for method 2 (thanks, SuperTibaldoKart!)
A long-awaited feauture, which I had implemented in AutoIt, but after developing and testing it succesfully in Windows XP, a huge limitation covered the surface. It seemed it was impossible to run AutoIt executables before setup was started, thus completely rendering my work obsolete.

Maxximum has asked a friend of his, SuperTibaldoKart, to create a better version of the script posted in [^] For SuperTibaldoKart's program, check [^]
credits: SuperTibaldoKart (
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2007-02-15 17:10BashratTheSneakySummaryExtraction progress bar for method 2 => Extraction progress bar for method 2 (thanks, SuperTibaldoKart!)

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