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0000278: Error : The Driverpacks root directory in the settings file doesn't contain a valid Drivepack directory structure!
This error occurs if your "documents and settings" folder is not located on the C drive.

In my case i explicitely defined in my winnt.sif that my profilesdir("documents and settings" ) should be created on the D drive, which maked it easier to restore an image of my C drive without the loss of "My documents", "Favorites", etc. , which, as we all know, reside in the "documents and settings" folder.
This is a really handy feature, therefore i really would like to see this problem solved.

How to solve:
I noticed the following lines are responsible for setting the %systemdrive% to %homedir%:

In DPsFnshr_funcs starting on line 1060:

if stringInStr($fa_string, "%systemdrive%") then
    $fa_string = stringReplace($fa_string, "%systemdrive%" , @HomeDrive , 0, 0)

I suggest changing "@HomeDrive" to something like this (have not tested this!):


I was able to find the variable "@HomeDrive" also on line 76:

if regWrite("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce", "DriverPacks Finisher final cleanup", "REG_SZ", "cmd.exe /c ""del /f /q " & @HomeDrive & "\DPsFnshr.exe""") then

I suggest to make the same change in that line aswell.


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