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0000285: ATI Control panel (ATICCP) is not installed with ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility
The driver for the Ati Radeon mobility 9000 is located in the driverpack graphics B.
I found out that when the Finisher runs it seems to be unable to match any .inf files which are located in the C:\D\G\A\5 folder. This folder is part of the Driverpack graphics B.
When it concerns a videocard from the driverpack graphics A, it does seem to be able to match the .inf files located in the C:\D\G\A\1 folder.

Anyway, after analyzing the problem i get the impression that the finisher does a scan for inf files only ones per .ins tagfile.

I mean by that that in this case it will do a scan for .inf files only for the exception "wnt5_x86-32__0003__D-G-A-1" and not for the next exception that includes the same .ins tagfile.
In this case the next exception that has the same .ins tagfile (C:\ATICCP.ins) is "wnt5_x86-32__0005__D-G-A-5", which is the exception related to the C:\D\G\A\5 folder.
In the logfile it will simply say that it is not able to match any .inf files for the exception "wnt5_x86-32__0005__D-G-A-5", however it probably did not even make an attempt in scanning for the .inf files located in the C:\D\G\A\5 folder.

This is the error message that can be found in the logfile:

4. +infFiles (ANY +infFiles must be matched)
! Could not match any of the +infFiles.

I am still trying to figure this one out.


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2006-11-24 16:20   
This was a flaw in the code, one that could be (and obviously has been) easily overlooked. But considering the complexity of the FLTR (filtering) stage of the DriverPacks Finisher, this is understandable IMHO.

Thanks to ruudboek for pointing me in the right direction!