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0000545DriverPacks BASEslipstreamerpublic2010-10-06 15:562010-10-09 07:10
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0000545: Slipstreaming changes windows istaller.
Slipstreaming the drives causes the text installer from booting to not run like normal. It will skip things such as the (F2) to run automated fix and the decision screens leading up to install such as run recovery console or install.

Instead after Slipstreaming the disc will load directly to the installation step choose partition, this is inconvenient if you have a MS original CD that you need to add drivers to to run the Recovery console.
Take a xp source, add at least the mass storage, slipstream, repackage the files to CD with the bootloader image and then test.
I will see if I can fix this on my own but I am not sure if this is done because its needed.
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i found that the existence of winnt.sif causes this behavior. However I have found a way to boot the recovery console directly using a boot manger.
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This is not a bug... Report issues in the forum... This functionality is by design (microsoft)