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0000230DriverPacks BASEslipstreamer (API mode)public2006-08-27 20:062006-09-22 08:08
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wnt5_x86-32 (applies to all OSes of this platform)
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0000230: problems with calling DriverPack Base API
The way I've stumbled upon the problem is when using Siginet's PowerPacker. When you attempt to call a driver pack slipstream from the PowerPacker app, and the DriverPacks = "all" function is listed in the OS-to-be-packed's .ini file, DriverPack Base doesn' respond. When any or all Packs are called indivually (i.e. DP_Chipset = "yes") from the .ini file, then DriverPacker opens in API mode and works fine. Problem doesn't occur when using DriverPacker Base in standard mode.
I didn't see this issue listed in my cursory inspection of the bugs being tracked, but if it's already been reported, or is a known issue, then my apologies!
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? DellXPHm.ini (1,391) 2006-08-28 23:31
log DPs_BASE.log (1,712) 2006-08-29 22:53
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2006-08-28 01:01   
This issue was resolved a while ago. Can you reproduce it?

If yes, please post your DPs_BASE.log
2006-08-28 23:33   
Hi Bashrat. I've just uploaded the file. Let me know if there's anything else you need. Many thanks. -Chris
2006-08-29 22:53   
Oops, apologies. I uploaded the wrong file. Here's the correct one
2006-09-10 15:42   
This is the log file of the DriverPacks BASE session in which it 'does not respond'?
2006-09-19 11:50   
Reminder sent to: chrisofdeath

Hi chrisofdeath,

I really need a reply to solve the possible bug you reported in the bugtracker (issue 0000230)!

Kind regards,
Bâshrat the Sneaky aka Wim Leers
2006-09-22 08:08   
Since no further information is provided, I'll assume this was a user error. Issue closed until reopened by the submitter.