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0000291: Error : Could not delete the DriverPacks, which are located in "C:\D"
Sometimes when i do an installation i get the following error:

Could not delete the DriverPacks, which are located in "C:\D"

It looks like this happens randomly.
I would like to suggest to only log this error and for it to not appear during the installation for it interrupts the installation and requires interaction to make it proceed again.

Also i would like to point out that the message is pretty much pointless, since it will try to delete c:\d again after restart anyway.


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2006-12-24 15:05   
It actually does NOT happen randomly: it happens whenever a control panel has been installed, but not all file locks were removed by the setup.

I've set a timeout on the error notifications now, so the installation won't be halted. Additionally, I've applied the changes you've suggested, except for the extra files to be deleted (DPsFnshr.ini, pmtimer.exe, etc.), since these won't be retried after the next reboot. And with those files there have never been any problems, so we should be safe now.