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0000116DriverPacks BASEDPs Finisherpublic2006-08-02 07:312006-08-02 07:31
6.07 rc3 
6.07 rc4 
wnt5_x86-32 (applies to all OSes of this platform)
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0000116: '%DPSTMP%' dir in %SystemDrive% and not cleaned up
The directory C:\%DPSTMP% is used as temporary working directory for DPsFnshr.exe, while it should be C:\tmp. It is also not deleted after DPsFnshr.exe completes.
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2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyNew Issue
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyStatusnew => assigned
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyAssigned To => BashratTheSneaky
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyDestination OS Platform => wnt5_x86-32 (applies to all OSes of this platform)
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyInstallation Platform => not applicable
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyDriverPacks => not applicable
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyDriverPacks Method => not applicable
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyDriverPacks Finisher Method => not applicable
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyStatusassigned => resolved
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyFixed in Version => 6.07
2006-08-02 07:31BashratTheSneakyResolutionopen => fixed

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