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0000435: It is a udated version of my Bulgarian translation
Some of my bulgarian friends and DP fans notised a minor problem with my translation and the new DP Base. There is a fix.
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? Bulgarian.lng (13,053) 2008-05-26 02:58
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2008-06-02 20:30   
Thank you
will be in next release
2008-09-01 12:40   
There is a new version of the master language file

If you have time, could you please update your language?

Thanks a million,

PS I have Started a Topic in the translations forum: [^]

If you would subscribe to that topic you will get an email when ther are new posts. so i can create a new post in that topic and anounce to the entire translation team by email that there is a new GUI feature and language update required.

Thanks for all of your contributions to DriverPacks in the past!