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0000351DriverPacks BASEDPs BASE misc.public2007-03-19 15:582007-03-22 18:57
wnt5_x86-32 (Windows XP)
disc (CD/DVD)
0000351: Could not extract DriverPack
When I begin the slipstream process I get a critical error about extracting the driverpack. I have attached my log file.
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log DPs_BASE.log (2,050) 2007-03-19 15:58
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2007-03-19 15:58SiknightDriverPacks => all
2007-03-19 15:58SiknightDriverPacks Method => 1
2007-03-19 15:58SiknightDriverPacks Finisher Method => GUIRunOnce
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2007-03-19 16:02   
Also, not sure if it's relevant but the updater will not work as well. It says I do not have an internet connection. I have run the program in xpsp2 compatibility mode and as administrator with the same result.
2007-03-20 13:05   
I have now also tried running this on a Windows 2003 server and Windows XP Professional machine with the same result to verify that it was not a compatibility issue with Windows Vista.
2007-03-22 14:32   
In Vista you have to run the BASE with administrator privileges (right click the executable and select "Run as..."). Strange that you have the same problem on 2003 and XP...

Perhaps DP Sound B got corrupted during the download? You can verify the archive by using the "test archive" functionality of 7-zip (, [^] free & open source). Could you please test this and reply?
2007-03-22 14:43   
You can close this.. It did turn out that I had a corrupted download of the sound driverpack. Thank you for the assistance.
2007-03-22 18:57   
No problem :)