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0000276DriverPacks BASEDPs Finisherpublic2006-11-03 08:552007-01-06 04:23
wnt5_x86-32 (Windows Server 2003)
disc (CD/DVD)
combination (specify in description)
0000276: AutoIt Error - Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable.
Just before Windows logs in, I get the following... [^]

AutoIt Error - Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable.

This is on a full (not nLite'd) Server 2003, I have not
tested with XP.

First, I slipstreamed every pack except Graphics and Sound.
It gave the error. Next I only slipstreamed the MassStorage
pack, it gave this same error.

I have had this error in the past and only had it on a stripped
OS (stripped with nLite) so I assumed it was because of nLite,
but this time it is happeneing with a full OS.

When this error appears, I can Ctrl+Alt+Delete and end
the process "DPsFnshr.exe". Windows installs as normal,
it logs in, but theres a few leftover files on the C:\
drive - after this if I run the DPsFnshr.exe it does
not give any error and tidies up the files on C:\ as
it normally would.
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2006-11-15 07:09   
This happens with Windows XP as well as Server 2003.
2006-12-24 15:35   
Please attach your DPsFnshr.log file, which is created in %SystemDrive%\ after the DriverPacks Finisher has been executed.
2007-01-06 04:23   
I really needed your DPsFnshr.log file to be sure about this, but it's very probable that this issue was actually the same as 0000295. That one just got solved, therefore I will mark this one as solved too.

If you still get the same error, just reopen this issue!