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0000078DriverPacks BASEslipstreamer (API mode)public2006-07-02 07:472006-07-02 07:50
6.07 b1 
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0000078: when DriverPacks set to "all" and [SelectDriverPacks] exists nevertheless, no DriverPacks will be copied
When using specific (in fact in valid) settings file and using the Driverpacks BASE in API mode, then no DriverPacks will get copied.
Create a settings file with:

DriverPacks = "all"

<whatever is in this section

And then run the DriverPacks BASE in API mode while NOT all DriverPacks are available, then no DriverPacks will get copied at all.
Thanks to Siginet and Telenut for this bugsubmit!
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? mySettings.ini (1,518) 2006-07-02 07:49
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