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0000192DriverPacks BASEGUIpublic2006-08-15 18:182006-08-18 13:42
wnt5_x86-32 (applies to all OSes of this platform)
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0000192: Clear Location path after changing from disk mode to multiboot or vice-versa.
If in disc mode:
select Location directory, go forward and select some DriverPacks, now go back and change selection to multiboot - leave Location as is and go forward - Application looks like still in disk mode (it was changed to multiboot!).

The same applies when from multiboot and selecting ini files we go back and change to disk mode - leave Location unchanged and go forward... Still multiboot mode instead of disk!

log file tells you nothing, as it looks like there's no mode switch.
Of course it doesn't happen when, with mode switching we do change Location.

Maybe Location clear after mode switch will help...

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related to 0000179resolved BashratTheSneaky GUI messed when from multibot changed to disk. 
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2006-08-15 18:28   
This is a GUI workflow design flaw. Will fix it.