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6.07 b1 
wnt5_x86-32 (Windows XP)
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0000073: Windows XP pro german - device manager - hardware update assistent - language mixture
Using the german version of winxp pro, there ist a mixture of english and german language in hardware update assistent.

It says : "Welcome to the Hardware Update Wizard" and then
"Es wird nach aktueller und aktualisierter Software auf dem Computer..."

Installing without slipstreaming driverpacks: hardware update assistent is german only wich is correct.
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has duplicate 0000090resolved BashratTheSneaky Windows XP: the hardware wizard shows up in English, no matter what the OS language is 
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2006-06-28 03:17   
The Problem seems to be the Hotfix KB883667 which is language dependend. Getting closer it is the "newdev.dll" which causes the language mixup.