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DriverPacks BASE - 8.05 (Released 2008-10-02) View Issues ]

MD5 check-sums are available on the overview page for each of the main packs now.

This version is primarily aimed at support of XP SP3 but we have a few other things included too.

Windows XP SP3 will be available to non-subscribers on 4/29 via Windows Update and Microsoft Download Center. … 3a761.aspx

SP3 was delayed but base is out!

Zero reports of problems to date.

there has been much improvement to the process of running base more than once on a source.
with this version a near perfect uninstall should be possible
(assuming txtsetup and dosnet were not changed after the DriverPacks slipstream)
(<select none> of the boxes on the pack selection screen and slipstream)


Proxy support fixed - reported by Chiners

- None is now the default option for ATI control panel / center - idea submitted by mr_smartepants
And it is a new selection in the GUI as well.
so now the DPs_BASE.ini supports CCC CCP and None

- I have implemented helmi's idea for a universal tag file for hotfix handling.
Adding a file named "IgnoreKB.DP" to the I386 folder will cause base to not add or remove hotfixes. (Ignored)
Add this switch BEFORE running DriverPacks Base on a source to prevent orphaned / lost entries in textsetup and dosnet.
base makes backups of these files which get restored by DP_Base on subsequent slipstreams.
(all post driverpack entries in those files will be lost when they are restored by base in the "prep" stage)
Hint 1: if you wish to add patches or hot fixes first remove driverpacks by selecting nothing on the pack selection screen and slipstream. then update your source and re-add Driverpacks. (Driverpacks still needs to be the last step)
Hint 2: you could just restore and before adding patches... and then update the .org files after.
(this orphans textmode mass storage drivers in I386 but they will be removed/updated when DP_Base is run again)

- I adjusted the code for uni2ansi to fix a reported issue with svcpack.inf. - submitted by Jaak

- I don't know if anyone even uses it - but the multibootdisk platform got totaly rewritten...

- Inspired by the work of one of our members, Wsnow.
DPinst is a redistributable MS file that recursively searches folders for drivers
Then DPI will update the local machines device drivers. Think of it as a mini setup for post installing drivers.
With this tool it is possible to update a machine with the driverpacks post install...
Including the finisher and KTD... very cool stuff.

Added support for the MS tool 'DPinst.exe' for M1 and M2
Run the DP_Install_Tool.cmd in the OEM (or $OEM$) folder.
With M2 files are extracted to the the HDD and then DPInst is run followed by the Finisher and KTD (if set)
With M1 files can be left on the CD/DVD (since they are already extracted) and DPInst will run directly from there.
DP_Install_Tool.cmd asks if you want finisher and KTD when it finds an M1 source so you can choose...
If you choose yes then the M1 drivers ARE copied to SystemDrive and DPInst is run from there.

- Finisher updated to eliminate the d\d\ error in KTD and to remove the DPInst files during cleanup.

- Fixed a problem user Kurt_Aust reported:
Just a minor GUI bug (held over from 7.05.2).
If you select "Custom" Finisher method, when you get to the settings review page it shows that you have selected "GUI RunOnce" Finisher method. … 484#p19484

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Jeff Herre / OverFlow

- 0000343: [DPs BASE misc.] KTD: selected folder where it should be stored is not used (OverFlow) - resolved.
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