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DriverPacks BASE - 8.12.1 (Released 2008-12-20) View Issues ]

The new version of Base is 8.12.1rc.
the Release candidate has the following changelog:

All DriverPacks can now be upgraded from the base program
- there are new check boxes on the update checker page.

The base updater itself has also been upgraded
- it will now launch the new version of base after the update.
   Base now finishes the log files before it is upgraded.
- A speed indicator will approximate your download speeds.

abdou reported an issue that occurs if a winntsif gurunonce command does not have a CRLF after it.
I actually consider this user error, but if i can fix it, what the heck...
Base now adds a crlf before adding its line to hopefully prevent this particular error.

8.11.27.rc -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

[BUG] dolivas and hectorfx report a dsp-disabler issue in testing team thread
A result of upgrading my autoit version.
dsp disabler was gimped when an autoit internal function was moved to a module that was not 'Include'ed
the required module has been added to DSPD.
new feature get your updates directly from the GUI...


[BUG] fixed settings file issue reported by dolvias … 457#p26457
Control panel settings would only be saved to the DPs_BASE.ini if the ATI setting was not 'none'.

Added a test to see if native windows drivers have been removed
If required driver files that should always exist in any NT 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 source are not found by base a critical error occurs and the slipstream is aborted with a popup warning.

Expanded feature - Mass, Graphics, LAN and WLAN are now selectable for BartPE!
This is still a Request for Comments feature. Please report good or bad results in the PE forum here at DriverPacks.
I am informed by hilander that UBCD4Win needs an additional plugin (not written yet) to make the rest of the packs work properly, and a vanilla BartPE may need some additional plugins to run the graphics and LAN drivers plugins properly.

[BUG] fixed When using the base 8.09 rc1, and even 8.10 rc3 when you change the installation platform to ANY of the 4 bullets you are prompted with a message asking if you're sure you want to change the platform, and if you answer NO to the prompt, the bullet in the installation platform changes anyways.

[REQ] SAD / SOFI platform DPINST not to create add/remove programs entries
(Stand Alone Drivers / SOftware First Installer Platform) … 848#p25848
adding /sa switch to dp install tool command line for dpinst.exe
this sets the suppressAddRemovePrograms flag to ON, which configures DPInst to suppress the addition of Add or Remove Programs entries that represent the driver packages and driver package groups that it installs.

[REQ] logging Third Party DriverPacks files used
added feature and base now recognizes the smartepants packs
if the language or PhysX files are found in third party they will be renamed like a main pack.

[BUG] Multi Boot Option w/3rd Party DriverPacks creates multiple copies … 214#p25214
When using the Multi Boot Option and having 3rd Party DriverPacks (like PhysX) they get processed multiple times. Causing several copies with different names to be added to the OEM folder.

OverFlow - Jeff Herre

- 0000479: [DPs BASE misc.] Romanian translation updated for 8.12 (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000478: [translations] Bulgarian translation updated for 8.12 (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000480: [translations] German language file updated for 8.12.1rc (Helmi) - resolved.
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